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Zef Çota

Zef Cota is a filmmaker based in The Bronx. He is also the co-founder of Alphabet City Films. Zef has recently completed his debut feature, THE TROUBLE, set in the Bronx - which premiered at the 2018 Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas, and where he won the award for "Best Director" in the feature Film category. THE TROUBLE also won the 2018 Hollywood Dreamz award for Best Cinematography - and was nominated for an additional eight awards.

In the past he's worked as a Filmmaker for IBM, producing digital content for their research division in the field of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence. In October 2017 ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery) has presented him along with four IBMers with the Best Brave New Idea Paper Award for a scientific paper that he co-authored on their pioneering work on Artificial Intelligence in the creation of movie trailers. Zef is also on the Board of the The Bronx Filmmakers Collective.

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