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Founded in 2012, The Bronx Filmmakers Collective (TBxF) is a non-profit community of filmmakers with a connection to the Bronx. We aim to further the education and development of our members through monthly meetings which have a rotating schedule that includes screening ​member rough cuts ​for feedback, hosting ​outside speakers on a variety of technical and artistic subjects,​ and offering member presentations in areas of specialized skills.

We seek to contribute to the vibrant Bronx arts community by encouraging and inspiring our members to create new work. We help to raise the profile of independent film in the Bronx by promoting our members' work at community screenings. As members of the Bronx community we seek to showcase the multitude of stories both narrative and documentary that make our borough unique. We believe it is important to show a more complex and nuanced picture of the Bronx than is typically found in the media.

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