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Carlos Benitez

Carlos J. Benitez is a Bronx (NY) and Pennsylvania resident. He began producing short films for Hine’s Park Productions from 2008 – 2018. Some of these short features include:

  1.  Pretentious (2010)

  2. In The Wobbly Barn Place (2017)

  3. The Rift Amongst Us All (2019)

He is currently focusing his film production ambitious toward ‘closer to home’ projects alongside his wife, Mary Figario (a former member of Hine’s Park Production) under the umbrella name of Sexy Pineapples Production. They are taking full advantage of the open outdoors that rural Pennsylvania has to offer as the backdrop for their stories. They have produced the following short features (under 60 minutes):

  1. Cookies N Screams (2021)

  2. Luna’s Fear (2022)

In The Wobbly Barn Place (short film): 

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