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Membership Information


TBxF Membership is open to key creatives and department heads living and/or working in or around the Bronx, with IMDb credit(s) and/or at least one credited completed project. Actors who also work behind the camera are invited to apply.


Become part of a community of filmmakers who live and work in and around the borough of The Bronx.

As a member you will receive: 

  1. Feedback on your works-in-progress, grant applications, film packages, etc.;

  2. Access to training and education on a variety of artistic and technical subjects;

  3. Promotion and exposure for your work through live community screenings and on our local BronxNet television show;

  4. The opportunity to build relationships with potential film collaborators;

  5. Occasional access to screening facilities; and 

  6. Networking opportunities with local arts organizations and artists in other disciplines.


Members are required to regularly attend monthly meetings, pay annual dues and remain active in the field of filmmaking which includes writing, development, all stages of production and post-completion marketing.


Members are expected to actively engage with the group and help provide content for meetings in the following ways:

  1. Submit work for critique/feedback;

  2. Give presentations and workshops on relevant topics;

  3. Offer training in areas of specialized skill; 

  4. Help identify and arrange relevant outside speakers and guests; and

  5. Volunteer for one or more subcommittees.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but interviews are only conducted twice per year in April and October. 


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