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Larry "Legend" Spivey

New York needs New York based Writer, Director, Producer Larry “Legend” Spivey...and so does everyone else!

A graduate of St. John’s University, Larry began his career in entertainment as a recording artist. His album “Different by Design,” foreshadowed his amazing pen game, as he co-wrote the entire project.

Larry continued to make his mark in the biz beyond the music realm by studying at the Gotham School of Writing. From there, a burgeoning filmmaker was born. He worked on film sets in various capacities with heart and without ego. His willingness to learn the industry from soup-to-nuts has offered him roles below the line and now above the line. From PA to Director and Producer, Legend honed his skills. He even served as an Assistant Director for several ESPN sporting events.

Larry went on to write and produce The Crime City Diaries web series, which screened in several festivals, from Urban Mediamaker in Atlanta, to The San Diego Film Festival in California. He has won several awards for the series and has worked on many other films, from shorts to features, even penning an episode called “Runners” for the film series Killer’s Row, which was a finalist in the San Diego Film Festival screenplay competition.

Most recently, Larry created, wrote and co-produced The Guilty Series. He already has some A-1 talent attached, including Demetrius Grosse and actor Jaiden Kane (Vampire Diaries, Hidden Figures, Luke Cage), who is extremely excited to be a lead in this series, and was impressed with Legend’s writing, but also his range of creativity. It is this range that lead him to his latest project in development, Destiny Nocturnal (working title).


As the owner and CEO of his company, Born Legends Media, Larry “Legend” Spivey knows that his niche is enigmatic character creation, building the world of his work beyond the immediate trend, writing in a way that allows the reader and the actor to live well beyond the page and simply exercising his relentless desire to create work on a different level. He firmly believes that if better is possible, good is not enough.

Though “Legend” is his moniker, Larry Spivey’s mindset, tenacity, passion for the craft and love of creativity will ensure that it goes from nickname to reality in his lifetime.

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