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Josafat Concepcion

Josafat Concepción (any pronouns) is a Canarian filmmaker, currently based in the Bronx.

In 2003, he shot his first film, a half-hour featurette filmed in super-8. Since then, he has worked in production and distribution of film and TV, directed and edited documentaries and music videos.

He likes exploring the aesthetics and themes of classic film genres from a queer/punk approach, and experimenting with different media and format such as super 8, 16mm, stop-motion, VHS, ...

After moving to NY, he had the chance to work for one of his childhood heroes, LLoyd Kaufman, at Troma Entertainment. His last film, HOLY WOUND, premiered on November 2021 and, since then, has screened at ZTV Film Fest and Film Maudit 2.0

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