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The televised program profiles the narrative and documentary work of our members and other local filmmakers. We also host roundtables and panel discussions on a variety of topics of interest to the filmmaking community.

Host: TBxF Co-Founder, Harri “Indio” Ramkishun

Screenwriters Roundtable

co-sponsored by Cinefemme

Ladies Night

A panel of short films by written and directed by women: Chia Minaya, Estefania Chavez and Hannah Leshaw.

Thrill Seekers

A pair of dramatic short films by Mark Cabaroy and Larry "Legend" Spivey that explore the dark side of the law.

Now That’s Funny

A pair of comedic short films by Zef Çota and Bryan Christian.

Doc Style Vol. 1

A pair of documentary short films by Philip Bell and Shayok Mukhopadhyay.

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